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Straight-edge in a meth-town , left-wing in a right-wing town , indigenous in a racist town , musician in a town that could not care less.
I wrestle , make music and hunt-ghosts in my spare time.

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fr34ksh0w-w1ll0w's News

Posted by fr34ksh0w-w1ll0w - December 24th, 2020

I got access to it again a li'l while ago!


Just without the "-" ; only difference in the link!

Hope to see you all there!


Posted by fr34ksh0w-w1ll0w - November 10th, 2020

Here's 8 of my drum tracks that you can use however you wish. No. 01 & No.06 may be familiar to some of you if you've listened to my music in the past.


I have also released 2 Serum Preset Packs ; and I plan on releasing a Serum Preset Pack in December alongside a Harmless Preset Pack.



Posted by fr34ksh0w-w1ll0w - October 30th, 2020

October's Pack (Since the Wavetables WILL BE NEEDED): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VXerCUFJyQ331eXCdxtuayIPHqzYjMN9

November's Pack: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oi12WqrFKlY366HwKqjw3pt90EScur9i

October's pack is highly scuffed , around 80 of the 145 presets I made before even having the idea of a preset pack ; and so they're extremely basic by just having 2 wavetables overlap (which is super boring). Where-as November's Pack I have custom LFO's , custom Noises , and custom Wavetables.

October's pack comes with 145 presets , whilst November's gets you 200.

Together that's 345 presets for free. I look forward to continuing to create for music producers that use Serum.

Next month I will release both a Serum Pack with around 200 presets and a Harmless Pack with 75 presets for you all to play around with. I realise that not everybody has Serum (some can't even afford $9.99/month for 18 months) SO! for those of you who use stock plugins ; next month's got one for you as well!

Let me know below how you feel about both the October and the November pack. How they compare , etc.

I'm expecting to see alot of 2/10 for the October Pack and probably mainly 5/10 for the November Pack.

The December Pack for Serum focuses HEAVILY on Guitars , btw (OwO).



Posted by fr34ksh0w-w1ll0w - October 4th, 2020


Note: Most of these were made before I had the idea of having an actual Preset Pack & others before I knew what I was doing. The next free serum preset pack date is October 31 2020 ; and I can guarantee with almost 100% certainty that it shall be much better than this one.

None-the-less , hopefully you guys enjoy the presets in this pack.

No stupid bullshit like "subscribe to SoundCloud or youTube to get access" , it's just right there in Google Drive , not even zipped.



Posted by fr34ksh0w-w1ll0w - September 21st, 2020

A'ight. So I've come to a decision that I will release my next album on June 30 2022. It will be called Gravity Control and have over 28 tracks since I have 21 months until the time of release ; thus giving me 19 months to work on it.

However , I will try to have 1 release every 3 months or so of a single just so that I actually have a reason to continue using Spotify for Artists.

So I will most likely have a release sometime in November or December then every 3 months up until Gravity Control itself releases.

So , 5-7 singles over the next 19 months and then the album ; which shouldn't be too bad for either side.

I'm planning on the album art to look like the scene where ESCAPE plays in the game (I believe , I haven't played it in 9 months , almost 10) where it's basically space with fairly transparent cubes everywhere ; I just always found that shit super cool.

I will release the singles on NewGrounds before their Spotify releases , so expect them 1-2 weeks before they're up on a 'da Spoofy!

That's about it.

5-7 tracks in 19 months by having 1 per 3 months , and then 28-35 (max DistroKid Album Size) on June 30 2022.

So , probably around late 2021 or early 2022 I'll be getting to work on Gravity Control.

I will let you guys know of any changes.



Posted by fr34ksh0w-w1ll0w - July 8th, 2020

Now , I took a month-long break from Dec 2019-Jan 2020 because I felt that I was ready to give up music ; I wasn't and I knew it deep down , but now I know that I am.

I know that I won't be gone forever ; but a 2 year - 5 year break is definitely needed. I've made 1 track/day for just about 4 years now and it takes up so much money and time that it's just hard to keep up.

Which is why I know that I will not be gone forever from music , it's a movement and a passion that you just can't shake from yourself.

I'm going to try and make a monthly animation starting in late 2021 and see how that fares here on NewGrounds. Now , I'm no skilled visual-artist in any way/shape/form what-so-ever , but I also jumped right into EDM at 16 with no prior experience in life what-so-ever ; so it might be fun for a while (plus I have Clip Studio Paint which allows saving with the full version that I bought over a year ago and have barely used).

I plan on taking 1-2 hours/day to make a sketch on Clip Studio Paint and just seeing how it goes for the first year before moving onto actual animations. I plan on comic-style animations much rather than full-out animations. I've always found them more enjoyable anyways (thank God) , and the only thing I will ever need to worry about buying is a drawing tablet & artician's glove. These should cost $1,000 at the absolute most ; which is what I usually spend on music in 3-4 months! So it's going to be alot safer for myself financially ; and time-wise (I can go in and out as I please).

EDIT: I'm taking the break once August 2020 hits.

Posted by fr34ksh0w-w1ll0w - July 7th, 2020

To show my love for NewGrounds I made Flash Memories a while back to replicate older music in Flash Games ('95-'05) to the best of my ability.



Posted by fr34ksh0w-w1ll0w - July 3rd, 2020

Flash Memories is an album that I created a few months ago to release on July 6th 2020 (NewGround's 25th Anniversary) , where I tried to style some of the music to be '95-'98 , '99-'02 & '03-'05. Most '03-'05 ('04 apx) , as they were (in my opinion) the golden days for Flash Games. Though , alot of the later tracks in the album are more '95-'98 (atleast I went for that vibe).

Hopefully a few of the tracks can bring you back to the good 'ol days.

It will be on Spotify , SoundCloud , Audius , Tidal , Apple Music , Amazon Music , TikTok , Deezer , Napster and more like KKBox (etc.)!

I know that I can't fully capture the sound of the older flash games , but hopefully it gives you a little bit of that old flash game vibe/feeling.

Alot of the tracks are up on my old NewGrounds account.

I also selected my 10 favourite from the album and put {Recommend} next to their names.

  1. Flash Memories {Recommend}
  2. Flash Racing {Recommend}
  3. Flash Intense Moment {Recommend}
  4. Flash Platformer
  5. Flash Platformer 2 {Recommend}
  6. Flash Club
  7. Flash Protagonist Flashback
  8. Flash Battle
  9. Flash Battle 2
  10. Flash Battle 3
  11. Flash Space Battle 2
  12. Flash School {Recommend}
  13. Flash Pirates
  14. Flash Dating Sim {Recommend}
  15. Flash Puzzle
  16. Flash Puzzle 2
  17. Flash Narration
  18. Flash Menu
  19. Mountain Drive {Recommend}
  20. Pandroxis 2.9
  21. Lessons Learned
  22. Power Up
  23. Strange Creature
  24. I Came to Rock Your Mother 4
  25. Gradient 3.9
  26. Flash Dating Sim 1.5
  27. Happy Slimes Hugging
  28. Flash Tense Moment 1.5
  29. In the Flash Lane {Recommend}
  30. Travelling Through Dimensions 2 {Recommend}
  31. Flash Dress Up
  32. Is There Night in Space? 2 {Recommend}
  33. Flash Protagonist Flashback 1.5
  34. Flash Space Battle
  35. Flash Adventure



Posted by fr34ksh0w-w1ll0w - July 2nd, 2020


Over 1,250 tracks spanning almost 4 years (400 lost to time/can't upload because covers of non-video games). The time has feckin' flew by.

I have 913 MIDI out of the 1,250+ tracks and about 300 FLP's as well as around 40 videos of creation (2020) , (lots from 2016 & 2017 , but they have since been deleted because I hated them so much and they helped literally nobody with how shitty they were back then ; 2018-2019 had virtually none)

Video Game Covers - By Year

Singles - By Year

Best of - Not Included

Covers Outside of Video Games - Not Included

My Wife Divorced Me (Band) - Not Included

I'm looking to get more into recording myself creating music , it usually takes me about 30-40 minutes (currently) to complete a track , so why not?

I think I'm gonna start by the 5th , just after uploading the Tropical House Cover of the Wii Mii Channel Main Menu Theme Song ; and just see how it goes on the 2nd run of daily uploads where I just make music.


Posted by fr34ksh0w-w1ll0w - June 28th, 2020

Well! This is great!

Sept 2019 I collapsed , and it didn't happen again until Apr 26 2020. Then in Mid-May of 2020 it started happening almost daily. AND NOW I'M THROWING UP FUCKING BLOOD! OF WHICH I HAVEN'T DONE SINCE I WAS A KID! AND THAT WAS BECAUSE I PUKED SO MUCH I TORE MY THROAT (mother says)!

SO! This was a few days ago , and my friends in Waxxed as well as Keiran & Tyler already know of this.

I'm sitting in my chair watching Forensic Files , 04:30 ... I all of a sudden can't breathe. I then start getting super light-headed and gagging. Oh! I'm puking! Up the stairs I go.

I can't hold it in , and it's blood.

All over my chest and stomach , and I almost fall. My mother hears me and follows me up the stairs.

I turn to her after seeing myself in the mirror and she looked horrified.

That was my day a few days ago. I believe it was the 24th , if not then 23rd.

I figured , well ... I'm online again ; I may as well rant like I always do (XD).

Honestly though , I have no idea what the fuck happened.

My sister theorizes it was a nose-bleed , but I had no blood from my nose at all.

My mother who saw it says she never saw anything like that in her life ... Which is just fucking perfect to know. Thanks , not worried at all (XD).

If I throw up blood again , I'm going to the Hospital. COVID-19 or no COVID-19.

I don't give a shit about the collapsing ; it's died down heavily since I started my diet & exercise routine , that's all cool. Last collapse was the 26th , and before that the day before I threw up blood.

So with the collapsing slowing down a bit , this is my new main worry.

I did however visit my father's grave for the first time this Father's Day for a few minutes , and it was nice. My mother was uncomfortable , so we left swiftly ; however it's nice to know where his grave it. I'm going to make sure to visit it every

  • April 28th (date of his death)
  • July 28th (his birthday)
  • Father's Day

It's nice to know where he lies at rest. His grave-site is the best kept in the graveyard. Some are surrounded by trees or broken headstones or tall-grass ; but not his. My grandmother makes sure to keep it as good of shape as she can.

So now , I face an issue.

I think I may have to stop wrestling.

It sucks.

I keep telling myself that I can work around this.

I can't.

If I collapse when lifting an opponent or being held , or God forbid throw up blood during a match ... That's it.

One of us isn't getting out of the ring the same.

So I either have to figure out what's wrong (when tf will COVID-19 end?! , hit my area BAD a few days ago) or just quit entirely ... And I really don't want that. Wrestling is my life outside of music. I'm not particularly good at either , but they're my life. They make up who I am as a human-being.

I've been on Twitter alot lately , showing support for BLM. Now , I'm not African-American ; I'm a mix between Indigenous & Caucasian. 4.9% of Canadians are Indigenous and we make up over 30% of the prison population ... So it's pretty bad here for minorities as well. African Americans make up about 3% of our population and almost 10% of our prison population. It's pretty shitty.

Now , you can be like my mother and step-father who say "well ... Look at the percentage of white people in jails"

4.9% -> 30%+

3% -> 9-10%

That's atleast 40% of our prison population made up by just under 8% of our total population ... Which is the issue at hand.

Or you can be like about 100 people who I've cut ties with for saying BLM is terrorism , etc. Which is just stupid as shit.

Luckily , I've never faced oppression ; however it doesn't mean that others don't ... I'm smart enough to realise this , where-as others aren't.

Like my mother who says Indigenous peoples have "more privileges than anybody I know" ... Most RESERVES don't have running water , schools , medical facilities , etc. They're taken up by convenience stores , gas stations and marijuana stores (it's legal in Canada). They have no proper policing , and the police never look for missing Indigenous people. Look that shit up.

I dunno , that makes me livid ; but whatever.

I honestly would love if you would all show your support for BLM.

If you go to my Twitter @fr34ksh0ww1ll0w my pinned tweet is a spreadsheet of over 645 videos of Police Brutality for all to see. I don't care if anybody follows me or likes my shit. What I want is for you all to share that spreadsheet or atleast give it a look-through. Some videos are tame and others and stomach-churning.

One of the first videos (first 10) has a police officer run a man over , get out of his car and start kicking him!

It's just fucking brutal what's happening.

Anyways , rant over.