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Taking a 2-5 Year Break.

Posted by fr34ksh0w-w1ll0w - 1 month ago

Now , I took a month-long break from Dec 2019-Jan 2020 because I felt that I was ready to give up music ; I wasn't and I knew it deep down , but now I know that I am.

I know that I won't be gone forever ; but a 2 year - 5 year break is definitely needed. I've made 1 track/day for just about 4 years now and it takes up so much money and time that it's just hard to keep up.

Which is why I know that I will not be gone forever from music , it's a movement and a passion that you just can't shake from yourself.

I'm going to try and make a monthly animation starting in late 2021 and see how that fares here on NewGrounds. Now , I'm no skilled visual-artist in any way/shape/form what-so-ever , but I also jumped right into EDM at 16 with no prior experience in life what-so-ever ; so it might be fun for a while (plus I have Clip Studio Paint which allows saving with the full version that I bought over a year ago and have barely used).

I plan on taking 1-2 hours/day to make a sketch on Clip Studio Paint and just seeing how it goes for the first year before moving onto actual animations. I plan on comic-style animations much rather than full-out animations. I've always found them more enjoyable anyways (thank God) , and the only thing I will ever need to worry about buying is a drawing tablet & artician's glove. These should cost $1,000 at the absolute most ; which is what I usually spend on music in 3-4 months! So it's going to be alot safer for myself financially ; and time-wise (I can go in and out as I please).

EDIT: I'm taking the break once August 2020 hits.