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I for one would love to smell like an assfarm.
I would also enjoy to keep Fernando to his promise at 1:11.
Oh my God , this song is beautiful ; can't wait for the release if it's legit.

Sadly the masterful series has come to an end.
While it is finished ; it shall always stay alive within our memories and our internet.
Very good work on the series , mate. Only question to be asked is how large Fernando is (OwO).

Sexual-Lobster responds:

Fernando is a meaty 10 inches

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Yo! Good luck in the NGUAD , mate! (possibly NGADM as well ; uncertain if you also applied for it)
'Yer track is feckin' awesome ; here's to Round 2 perhaps?

The beginning reminds me of something that Melanie Martinez would make , until the trap drums come into play. Then I don't really know what to make of it.
It honestly sounds like something that anybody could rap over ; it's very consistent and it makes sense so far.
There's not too much change in it , but just enough to keep the listener tuned-in to what's happening.
I would have chosen different synths , however I also have damaged hearing ; so I can't really say much about that (:P).
It has a sense of dread to it , but not too much to seem actually depressing. Like , you know shit just went down.
I hope to see more from you on NewGrounds , it allows 4 tracks/day to be uploaded (24hr cycle).
It seems to get a tad bit loud though , in where it kinda is too much ; aside from that it's a very well put together and written piece.
Again , if you ever have anything you want heard or seen by others ; InverseNetwork & TumeNetwork on Submithub are both very good , and it'd be cool to see your stuff up there.

Sadly , I myself am not a fan of trance (despite almost everybody who I'm friends with musically making it religiously {:P}) so my opinion on this one may be quite a bit biased. I apologise for that in advance.
I enjoy the beginning , it brings the PS1 racing vibes alive ; as if I were to be playing '99-'03 racing games with my step-brother again.
Around 0:37 the breakdown is just outstanding , it's not the type of trance that my friends make. They usually have slow trance that's 15m+. This seems like it has some Eurobeat inspiration with it. Like Acid Trance x Eurobeat in a sense.
It's very fast and it keeps the energy alive the entire way through. It's honestly cool to listen to and just get to vibe-out to.
The buildup at 1:28 isn't really too special , but the drop is incredible. It feels like it should be Eurobeat 100% here. Like , it's just really cool. It's something you'd expect to see when the protagonist starts to beat the antagonist at anything. Just those good-time vibes.
It gets intense again just for if the protagonist were to cross the finish-line a second ahead of their rival. It would be cool to see a racing animation alongside.

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You mean that you DIDN'T have everybody give you shards of broken glass for Halloween?

Straight-edge in a meth-town , left-wing in a right-wing town , indigenous in a racist town , musician in a town that could not care less.
I wrestle , make music and hunt-ghosts in my spare time.

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